About Us

Moonbase is a creative studio based in San Francisco. 

We use a deft combination of mischief and precision to craft videos built for the web. We are very aware of the plummeting attention span of your audience. As such, we like to experiment with ways to wake people the fuck up. If you’re looking for a dry corporate spot, then please go away. We don’t like to be bored and neither does your audience. Our work is military-grade peculiar, with a dash of elegance thrown in to make it fit and proper. 

We provide all aspects of video production in-house; we will plan and execute your video from script to final delivery. A full list of services is provided on this page. Our method is designed to be fast and light, so don't expect a bloated, eternal shoot. Tactical efficiency is our preference. 

To learn more, or to get an estimate, please send us an email with information about your project. We take on a select number of clients each year and work on one project at a time -- careful to pick only those that will yield good and interesting work.

Thanks for visiting! Hopefully you are enjoying yourself.  

Our Services

Video crafted for the web is our specialty. Our services include but are not limited to:

- Concept and script development
- Preproduction
- Production + direction
- Image acquisition (live action)
- Motion graphics and VFX
- Graphic design 
- Sound design and music
- Color grading
- Postproduction
- Press outreach